Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Brown Paper (Gift Bag)

I truly love brown paper. Give me a brown paper bag or a piece of that brown paper on a roll and I am in heaven. I have made many things over the years with brown paper, but this little project is one of my favorites. 

 How cute is this?? The little band slips right off so you can fill the bag up. 

I cut the top off of a brown lunch bag, leaving it 6 inches tall. The  striped DSP is 6 inches by the width of the bag. ( my bag was about 5 inches wide) I used Snail to attach it to the front of the bag. The back piece is 9 inches by the width of the bag, scored at 3 inches. (this gives you the flap) Use Snail to attach the paper to the back of the bag. Create a band that will fit down over the bag when it is closed and add embellishments, tags, buttons...let your imagination run wild. 

Fill it up with your favorite craft supplies for a friend. 

Even looks good from the back!

This is very simple to make, but does make a statement. The materials I used in addition to the brown paper bag are listed below.

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  1. This is very nice! That bag definitely got an amazing make over. TFS! Blessings!


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